Bulawayo City Council


Burials & Cremations

There are five cemeteries and one crematorium serving the city, and they are:

  • West Park
  • Luveve 3
  • Athlone
  • Lady Stanley
  • Hyde park cemeteries
  • West Park Crematorium

Lady Stanley, Hyde Park and Luveve 3 cemeteries are Pioneer cemeteries.

Senior citizens of Bulawayo are buried there and they should fulfill the following requirements;

  • The person should have contributed to the development of the community of Bulawayo and the community should endorse that.
  • Should have lived in Bulawayo for more than 25 years.
  • Should be over 65 years of age at death.

West Park Cemetery handles about 3600 burials a year. The crematorium deals with about 120 cremations every year.

All burials and cremations must be in conformity with the relevant legislation

  • Call Centre Contacts:
  • (09) 71290 - All Networks
  • callcentre@citybyo.co.zw
  • Fire and Ambulance:
  • 993, 994 , (09) 71717
  • 08080081 - Econ toll free