Bulawayo City Council


Call Center

BCC has a 24 hour call center to which residents may call in order to make inquiries or report faults that may occur on the city council property.

The following service standards are available.

Service / Service Product Service Level Standards Location
Capturing of all telephone queries with regards to service faults Immediate Ground Floor, Tower Block, J. Tongogara, Btwn L. Takawira Avenue/ 8th Avenue
Processing of all service faults that come through the services and other correspondence Immediate Ground Floor, Tower Block
Answering of all telephone calls 90% of calls within 30 seconds and 80 % within 20 seconds Ground Floor, Tower Block
Operating hours 24/7/365 days Ground Floor, Tower Block
  • Call Centre Contacts:
  • (09) 71290 - All Networks
  • callcentre@citybyo.co.zw
  • Fire and Ambulance:
  • 993, 994 , (09) 71717
  • 08080081 - Econ toll free