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Unilever Partners with City

Unilever Private Limited has partnered with the City of Bulawayo in the refurbishment of 8th Avenue and Robert Mugabe Way public toilets. Speaking during the official opening of the public toilets on His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Martin Moyo said that the City of Bulawayo, sought to uphold cleanliness of the City. “It is therefore our collective responsibility to keep these toilets clean and usable state at all times,” he said.

He noted that the gesture made by Unilever was an indication of the public private partnerships that Bulawayo engaged in. He encouraged other corporate organisations in their various spheres to work with Council in reviving the city. He further encouraged members of the public to value and appreciate the provision of these toilets by taking good care of them.

Speaking at the same event the representative from Unilever, Yvonne Mubvumba said they were partnering with Bulawayo and other cities in refurbishing the toilets around the Central Business District.

Unilever brand Ambassador Doctor Chisamba emphasized on the importance of public toilets in the city centre. She highlighted that these were necessary for convenience of the public and were meant to be kept clean at all times. She further noted that as Unilever, their intention was to ensure that cities maintained cleanliness and the public places of convenience were also always clean.

Unilever replaced the squat pans with modern pedestal pans and replaced damaged and missing doors at the 8thAvenue toilets. They also handed over cleaning material which included domestos to the municipality for cleaning toilets.

Date: Thursday, 24 September 2015

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